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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who runs the Online Newsstand project?
    • The project is designed, developed and supported by Steve Butzel. Steve's real job is being the assistant director at the Portsmouth Public Library in Portsmouth, NH.
  2. What does it cost to get the Newsstand for my library?
    • Right now, there is no cost as long as your library is willing to commit to do about 10-15 minutes of online data entry a month. Otherwise, if that is not feasible, libraries can make a donation to the project in exchange for the service. Quite frankly, I haven't got the whole donation side of the project entirely figured out, but I'm working on it.
  3. What kind of data entry are you talking about?
    • Basically, each library handles data entry for one or more magazines on the Newsstand. This means entering the title and the database accession number for each feature length article of each issue of that magazine. It's all done through a very simple web form, and I provide training videos that break it down into simple steps. Trust me, if you can fill out a web form, you'll have no problem.
  4. What magazine database vendors does the project support?
  5. What if my library gets its database content as part of a regional consortium or a statewide contract? Does that matter?
    • Essentially, as long as I can integrate your library's or state's authentication system, we'll be able to get you set up. So I frequently ask that you send me log in information for a fake patron so I can test out your setup.
  6. Have more questions? Send an email to sbutzel <at> gmail dot com.